Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse
The National Collegiate Athletic Association represents three college divisions (I, II, and III) and features 1024 schools.   You must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse after 1 July of your junior year of high school if you want to be considered an eligible recruit.  This lets colleges know that you have meet all of their academic requirements.  Register as soon as possible; the clearance process takes awhile. Also plan to sent an official copy of your transcript and SAT scores to the clearinghouse.   Information on registering can be found at  and/or by calling 888-388-9748  to request a free copy of the NCAA Guide for the College-Bound-Athlete

Create your Athletic Profile, or Resume
Highlight your academic and athletic accomplishments in an easy to read format. Include personal, athletic and academic information, and references. Have a photo of yourself in uniform to accompany your resume as needed.  Promote yourself, your accomplishments and your team/club program.   Be specific—include years rowing, practice hours per week, erg scores, regattas participated in (seeding, results, national, state, local), position(s) rowed, your strengths or other unique points, team/club status, etc.

Post your Profile on rowing/college sport websites
Coaches access these profiles for athletes of interest. This should be done before your senior year.

Research Schools of Interest
Fill out Prospective Student Athlete form on college website
Contact coaches at schools of interest
Send coaches a Letter of Interest.  Discuss your academic and athletic interests, and request literature on the school and the team.  Also include your upcoming regatta/erg competition schedule. Many competitions list the college coaches that will be in attendance.  Accompany this letter with your profile.
Ask for an official visit.
A website with links to many rowing programs:   Look under the “links” section

Talk with Alumni Rowers and their Parents.
Get the real scoop on rowing in college; the expectations and opportunities out there.
Note to Coach Stambaugh from an Alumni Parent.
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 2:42 PM To: Bryan Stambaugh Subject: NCAA
Hi, guys-
Just wanted to share a bit of information regarding NCAA that will be helpful to some unknowing parent like me…
It was very helpful that we registered last year, but if I could suggest adding a blurb in request/follow-up email that if you plan to play college sports, you will need to forward final official transcripts and a official CollegeBoard test scores.
Its a good idea to save those user IDs and passwords, too.  We have had trouble accessing the information since Jon is 18 now.
Crisis is averted, but just thought it would be great if, in the spring, when you send the email out asking rowers to register with NCAA – suggest students add NCAA code “9999” when scores are forwarded to potential schools of interest (Express delivery today  was @37.00)
Not a major thing – but will save a flustered parent a few hrs in the long run after kids have gone to college:)
We do miss you guys.

Research financial aid and scholarships
Complete the federal FAFSA form to determine aid qualification, beginning 1 January of your senior  year
Ask about financial aid/scholarships at your schools of interest
Look for local scholarships.
One link: the annual Hampton Roads Rowing Clug scholarship

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