• Crew is older than football and baseball and known as one of the elite sports of the world.
  • Crew is considered one of the most physically demanding sports.

Who is Great Bridge Crew?

  • One of the largest teams at Great Bridge High School and currently the most successful Crew Team in the Eastern Virginia High School Rowing Association
  • CO-ED Team – with Men’s and Women’s Individual Events
  • Regional Rowing champions for the last 11 years – competing with local high school clubs – COX, Princess Anne, First Colonial, Hickory, Granby, Maury.

What does it take?

  • Every Team member today knew as much about Crew and Rowing as you do right now.
  • Anybody with a desire to work hard and be part of team can do it
  • No tryouts – Just Show Up, Listen, Learn, and Work Hard

What will it do for me?

  • FUN! – Instant group of friends and peers when you begin high school.
  • The best physical condition you will ever be in
  • Participate in a winning High School Sports Club
  • For Girls – Many opportunities for College scholarships

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