Rotating Banner Photos

Parents and Rowers,

For those of you that would like to submit photos to be considered for the rotating banner on the homepage of this website, please e-mail your photo submissions to

For all photo submissions, send the original image (one that has not been cropped or edited in any way). Final image size needs to be 1140 x 350 pixels in order to fit into the banner, so the original image needs to be of acceptable quality at that size. Due to the dimension requirements of the photos, some images will not look right in the banner (images that fit are quite a bit wider than they are tall).

Please keep in mind that there are only a small number of photos in the rotating banner, so group photos are highly encouraged (as opposed to those photos with only one rower, for instance). Our goal is to make the rotating banner a representation of the “Team” – both boys & girls.  We will do our best to accommodate any photo submissions.

GBCC Webmaster

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