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Our team is school-sponsored, not school-funded.

All funds are earned through member dues, fundraising activities, private donations, and community sponsorships. 


Below are some ways to help offset the cost of your rower's membership.  


Event Concessions

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Complete a background check

  • Attend "Team Training", facilitated by Legends

Attend some amazing concerts, ODU football/basketball games, and crowd-watch all while earning $40+ per event towards your rower's account.  


Shop with Script

  • Rebates with 750+ Retailers

  • 4% to 9% of purchase amounts go directly to your rower's account

Get the whole family involved, even your extended family and increase your rebate potential just by doing something your family already does. 


Participate in a Club Fundraiser

  • Percentages vary per fundraiser.  

  • Check your email for the most up-to-date fundraiser information.  


... and don't worry, we have plenty.  GBCC hosts several fundraisers throughout the year including holiday greenery and aeration services. Participate in one or all!

Funds earned during the above activities cannot be transferred to another rower's account (with the exception of siblings) nor can they be cashed out at any time, for any reason. All unused funds will be deposited into the "Capital Fund" account when the rower leaves the club, which is used to purchase new equipment. 

parent volunteers

If fundraising isn't your thing...

Don't worry, we still need you! There are several committees designed to keep our club running smoothly throughout the year. Volunteers are always needed and greatly appreciated!

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Recruiting & Publicity

  • Website and Communications Management

  • PRACTICE PARENT (see below)

  • Fundraising Coordination

  • Regatta Travel & Transportation

  • Food Tent Coordination & Preparations

  • EVRA Volunteer Coordination

  • Uniform Point of Contact(s)


Practice Parents play a vital role at water practice. Not only do they prepare the Coaches' launches with mandatory safety gear, but they also serve as shore support during practice. Without practice parents, water practice would not be possible for our rowers. Parents, please take a moment to review your schedules and sign up for a rotating day throughout the week. It's the only way to watch your children at practice and the best way to support your club. Thank you for your support!!

Team calendar


In Person:


Payment via cash or personal check can be turned into any GBCC Parent Board Member.


** Please make sure you get a hand receipt for any in-person payments.**




Checks/Money Orders can be mailed to:

Great Bridge Crew Club

1245G Cedar Road PMB 105,

Chesapeake, Virginia 23322


Now Accepting Venmo at @GBCC-Treasurer:


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