Once your rower has joined the team be sure you and your rower download the TEAMSNAP App.  This is our primary source of communication for the team.  You will find practice information, regatta information, team chats and more here.

If you have questions reach out to the parent board. We usually have the answers, and if we don't we are able to get them for you.

2021-2022 Parent Board

President: Meredith Hodge

Vice President: Eric Eberle

Secretary: Heather Eberle

Treasurer: Joshua Hodge

Member At Large: Kylee Stewart

You can contact the board by reaching out on the team app or by emailing boardgbc@greatbridgecrew.org

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Our team is school-sponsored, not school-funded.

All funds are earned through member dues, fundraising activities, private donations, and community sponsorships. 


Below are some ways to help offset the cost of your rower's membership.  


Dues are set at the beginning of the season and cover team expenses throughout the year.  Dues can by paid monthly and can be offset by different volunteering and fundraising efforts.

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We are happy to announce that we are once again offering the opportunity to work concerts to offset dues! 


You must participate a team training held by the vendor. Training typically held in the summer


Shop with Script and earn 4% of your purchases back towards your rowers account


We have multiple fundraisers throughout the year.  A percentage of funds raised get credited to your rowers account 

Funds earned during the above activities cannot be transferred to another rower's account (with the exception of siblings) nor can they be cashed out at any time, for any reason. All unused funds will be deposited into the "Capital Fund" account when the rower leaves the club, which is used to purchase new equipment. 


Dues for the 2019-2020 Season = 2600 per rower for the year.  This includes all-year practices, regatta travel expenses and entry fees, maintenance and repairs as well as club operating expenses. 


Dues are broken down into monthly payments and can be offset by fundraising.  You can pay your dues in TeamSnap or any of the following ways:


To Pay Your Dues In Person:


Payment via cash or personal check can be turned into any GBCC Parent Board Member.


** Please make sure you get a hand receipt for any in-person payments.**


To Pay By Mail:  


Checks/Money Orders can be mailed to:

Great Bridge Crew Club

1245G Cedar Road PMB 105,

Chesapeake, Virginia 23322


Pay by Venmo at @GBCC-Treasurer:

How Parents Help Our Team

Parents are an essential part of our team! Our club survives on the support of its parents.  There are many different ways you can help our kids be successful.

parent volunteers

If fundraising isn't your thing...


The most important volunteer role that our club needs is that of a practice parent.  Without practice parents, water practice would not be possible for our rowers.  Practice Parents play a vital role during water practices.  Their role includes Opening up the boathouse before practice, preparing the Coaches' launches with mandatory safety gear, as well as serve as shore support during practice.  Parents, please take a moment to review your schedules and sign up to help.


It's the best way to watch your children at practice as well as supporting the club. 

We ask that parents volunteer for at least one practice parent session a month.  Sign up through TeamSnap!


Running a club takes a lot of hands throughout the year to keep us up and running.  Please get in touch with a board member if you have any experience, or wish to help in one of the following roles!

Equipment Maintenance

Recruiting & Publicity

Website and Communications Management

Fundraising/Volunteer Coordination

Regatta Travel & Transportation

Food Tent Coordination & Preparations

EVRA Volunteer Coordination

Uniform Point of Contact

Team calendar