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Novice Camp - 2021 - What to Expect

Welcome to Great Bridge Crew & Grassfield Rowing! We are excited to welcome you to our summer Novice Camp, a week-long introduction to crew. If you've never been exposed to the sport of rowing, a learn to row camp is a great way to get your feet wet!

Where do we meet?

Rowers meet at the barrier wall at the end of Basin road at the start time of camp. If there is no one standing there waiting, just hang out in your car for a few minutes until a coach or a board member shows up. Coaches typically park along the side road there and are hanging out until rowers arrive. We will provide you a board members phone number beforehand, in case you need to get in touch with us.

Parents or Rowers that drive themselves: Please drive to the barriers at the END of Basin road, make a U-Turn and park or drop off to keep your rower safe of outgoing traffic to the Atlantic Yacht Basin. We try to be respectful to the staff and the guests of AYB who may be arriving or leaving for the day.

What should we expect at camp?

Day 1: Orientation Day.

GBC Staff will introduce the kids to the sport, they will learn the terms and parts of the boats and the equipment they will use. They will get an introduction to the technique and terms they will hear while in the boats on rowing machines (also known as ergs). The will also learn a bit of the guide lines and rules to our sport. They will have a light workout and possibly get out on the water.

Day 2: Introducing the kids to the water in our boats.

Kids will be placed in either a quad (a 4 person boat) or an 8. They will learn callouts to safely carry the boats down to the water, entering and exiting the boat with some time learning the basics of rowing with other people in their boat. (It's not as easy as it sounds!) Finishing up with how to take the boats out of the water, clean them up and putting them back on the racks.

Days 3 and 4: Row Row Row! Our coaching staff will continue to refine their skills and help the k