Varsity Letter Requirements

Every year, in November, rowers start anew reaching for these standards regardless of last year's performance. To earn a letter in Crew the following standards are as follows.

Minimum Standards (must meet all of the following

  • Two-year rower

  • Member in good standing

  • Attendance

  • Service

  • 6 hours of community service approved by GBC coach/sponsor

  • 4 hours must be through GBC events.

  • 2 hours, maximum may be credited for work through other organizations (Must be submitted to Head Coach for Prior approval)

  • 2 Friends of the Library work sessions

  • Training

  • 95% of ALL meetings and training from the start of winter conditioning on December 1 through the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championships (State Championship) Regatta in Spring.

  • Includes running, erging, lifting. yoga, Teacher Work Days, school 1/2 days. Spring Break Training, and any other time a coach schedules training sessions or meetings.

  • Saturday workouts, attended by a GBC Coach may earn a rower "credit" towards an absence

  • Late arrivals will affect a rower's attendance

  • 3 late arrivals = 1 day absent

  • Excludes Winter Break, although rowers may earn "credit" by attending training during this time.

  • Competitions

  • HRRC Erg Pull in February

  • All Spring regattas up to,

  • Character

  • The Rower must demonstrate Oarsmanship in all aspects of GBC activities, by coaches standards. This also includes a clean and clear school disciplinary record. (ISS, OSS, honor code infractions, etc.)

  • Academic

  • Rower must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA

Additional Standards (must meet at least ONE of the following)

  • Four Year Rower

  • Earn a medal at

  • Virginia State Rowing Championships - (Gold only)

  • Stotesbury Cup - Gold, Silver, or Bronze

  • Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA) Nationals - Gold, Silver, or Bronze

  • Erg Score

  • Qualifying events: Mid-Atlantic Erg Pull (MAES) or Hampton Roads Rowing Club (HRRC) Erg Pull

  • Heavyweight

  • Men's: sub 6:40.0

  • Women's: sub 7:40.0

  • Lightweight