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Work Concerts at Veterans United Amphitheater AND Pay Your Dues!

Updated: May 30, 2022

You may have heard rumblings around of how you can work a concerts to help offset the cost of dues. Here is the low-down.

Great Bridge Crew works with Legends, the hospitality organization at Veterans United Home Loan Amphitheater. Parents and family members directly related to our rowers volunteer to work the beer tents at concerts, and Legends directly pays GBC a certain amount per person, per show, plus all the tips you can score. GBC puts 10% of the total take for the night towards our scholarship fund and the rest along with the tip money gets divided up between the people who worked that night.

In order to work a concert, you must take a class through Legends to obtain a certification which is good for 3 years. Classes are offered multiple dates throughout the season, so if you are interested in getting certified please get in touch with the concert organizer or the Member at Large.

The Clubs Concert Organizer will send you out a time to check into the event. Please make sure you are on time for check in. When you get to the Amphitheater, if you are looking at the stage, the back gate is to the far right all the way back. You enter through the back gate (back by the VIP parking).

Once you walk through the gate, there is a check in table. Show your ID and sign the GBC sign in sheet. You will get an ID Badge and a T shirt that you return at the end of the night. Black hats at table for purchase $5.00 (no cash), Legends will keep track on your sign in sheets.

We typically have 2/3 beer stands we work at. Each stand has a "cashier" who is responsible for picking up the handheld credit card machines, the chargers, and battery packs. The cashier will report to the money counting area in the back of the lakeside kitchen area. The cashier will leave their ID for the evening and will pick it up when they return their stands items back to the money counting area.

GBC has two coveted beer stands on the top of the hill. Each stand has 4/5 people working it, and once the doors open, you are slinging beers to the masses! There is NO CASH at the venue, so when you are asking people to accept the charge, don't forget to tell them that if they would like to leave a tip, it goes to a high school rowing team!!! (It's for the kids!)

At the end of the night return your shirts to the Lakeside Main Kitchen area (there is a laundry bin there and your lanyards back in money counting area. If you don't know where it is, ask one of your fellow GBC parents or any volunteer walking around.

Money from the concert is sent to the club and the Treasurer will have the list of people who worked the concert and the money will be put into your rower's dues account. If you have a question about the money you earned or your rower account, send an email to



Black shorts or slacks. No jeans, yoga pants, pajama pants, sweatpants or sweatshorts.

All black baseball hat (no logos). You can purchase one at the event for $5 (will come out of your pay for the event.)

Legends Shirt


Comfortable Sneakers


Not required at this time. Subject to change with state/governor’s mandates.


You may bring minimal personal items with you into the amphitheater but they must be in a clear bag. This can be a clear backpack, clear purse, or a large ziplock bag.


We are permitted to bring our own food. It must be consumed behind the stands and not in view. Legends provides unlimited soft drinks and a hot dog or a hamburger.


We park in the gravel lot at the side gate on the forest side, off of Concert Drive. After you enter the concert gate, bear right and keep going, it leads you to the gravel lot, near the VIP area. The check-in table is right inside the actual entry gate around the back. For larger shows we will be parking at Landsdowne Middle School and shuttling to our entry gate. The GBC Concert Organizer will tell you where the parking for the event will be if we are asked to park outside the VIP lot.


Typically, volunteers are requested to arrive and check in an hour before the gates open. Example: Gates for a 7pm show might open at 5pm. We would report at 4pm.

Concerts are a lot of fun to work and you stay busy for the majority of the night! It's good music, good way to make friends, and a great way to help pay down your dues!


-We are no longer getting a percentage but being paid a per-person-rate by concert attendance:

  • 0-7,500 pp: $75

  • 7,501-15,000: $85

  • 15,001-20,000: $100

The venue will be charging $5 per person for liquor liability insurance. This will come out of the check written to the club. 10% of the total money earned gets donated back to our GBC Scholarship Fund.

-NO CASH will be accepted at the stands. Credit Card sales only. We will be provided a card reader. The card readers will be assigned to our club, however, we need to be certain that we are signed in with our club’s code to get our tips paid out properly.

-Tips will be paid out to the club with our regular pay. All cash tips are to be turned into a club board member or the concert organizer at the end of the evening. If a board member or the concert organizer is not in attendance, will be assigned to collect the cash tips from all the stands GBC worked, counted with a witness and report the amount to the treasurer at the end of the event. A text thread with the person collecting the tips and the witness to the treasurer with the collected amount will be sufficient. Arrangements to get the cash to the treasurer or a Board member will be made as soon as possible.

-There is no solicitation of tips with a tip jar BUT we can still accept cash tips. We collect them in our container under the counter. We are not supposed to put the tip jar on the counter, but we can keep it on a side table or under the counter.

-There will be a bonus for meeting customer service initiatives to include Legends and Live Nation customer service platform, Day of Show Guest Surveys, and Feedback on the Live Nation website.

-Occasionally, there will be opportunities for 16-18 year olds in the pizza/food vendor stands. Only 21 and over can volunteer to work where the alcohol is sold, which is in regular concession stands and of course on the lawn. If you are interested in having your rower work, we will let Legends know and find out what class they need to attend.

-Legends Special ask: Please do not engage the dead bolt locks on any doors as you enter/exit a building to hold it open. This is for security reasons but mostly because the locks are having to be constantly replaced.

-GBCC Special ask: We need as many people as possible to volunteer with us to keep our coveted spots in the beer stands on the lawn. This is where the tips are, and this is where we would love to stay 😊 Our returning and former club members have built us a solid reputation. If you haven’t already, please let me know your availability for the August shows and if you are interested in joining us. We are tons of fun and would love to have you!

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